“She senses (and woe to the blind) that later on humility will come, and in humility lies the serenity of the flower that allows itself to sway in the breath of the breeze.”

With this series I hope to create a new photographic history of queer identities. Those who’s identities do not fall neatly in the binary spectrum of gay or lesbian, those of us who are other; those of us who are invisible; those of us who’s identities are assumed; those of us who’s identities have been erased; those who exist outside the gender binary; those who have been killed, beaten, or harmed.

In the history of photography, and visual culture in general, there is a significant lack of a photographic record of trans and queer people who existed outside of the world of gay and lesbian culture. My hope is that this project will serve as a visual and oral representation of a diverse array of identities, so they will not be forgotten or erased with the passing of time.

We exist.

“And that is why we love and seek ourselves. And why, so long as we exist, the world shall exist and humanity shall exist. This is how, in the end, we are connected to them.”

- - - - - - - - -